About Maciek

Maciej Hubert Kryszak ( artist name ELVIS ) - dancer, singer, guitarist, choreographer, composer, director, screenwriter, lyricist and educator.
Born on 28.04.1985 , in Słupca. In 2005 he was Veterinary technician. In 2007, he graduated a School of acting in Poznan under the care of the actors : Sebastiana Greka and Dariusza Taraszkiewicza and actress Magdy Planety. Licensed Educator since 2011. Brought up on the old American music , which is part of his life , he became a star of this present years and his mission is to bring people joy and do what he does best - SHOW.Since his childhood he became interested in acting, dance and music.
Even then he was fascinated by Elvis Presley and American music years 50, 60 and 70's : rock and roll, rockabilly, country, blues, swing, gospel.
Since his childhoodappears on stage in front of a live audience.
For years is associated with Artistic Group Arthur Bear.  Arthur found him while he performed on stage OBORA in Poznan 2006, where of course he got a role as Elvis Presley. Since that time, regularly performs throughout the country and abroad.
His SHOW presents to people so often that it is not able to mention all the performances.Most stuck in his memory performance in Centennial Hall in Wroclaw where he performed next to the VOX band as Support. Maciej wrote his first song after parting with former girlfriend. "When you're gone" was addressed to the girl Macieja. The music video for the song was created in 2010. Since then he wrote a few more, including "Suffering" and "Rock This Night All Right".Maciej is at the stage of writing the next tracks in order to create his first CD.
For several years Maciej takes part in the workshop "Music Owczarnia" under the eye of Elżbieta Zapendowska he is training his voice.
In 2009, he performed and gave an interview with Paweł Królikowski and Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka in the program Michał Figurski "Horse Skater" in the TV4
and in 2008 at the Miss Polish in Piła on TV Polsat as a representative Marty Andruszczak (Miss Wielkopolski). In 2011
In the 76 anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley he gave an interview with Krzysztof Krawczyk and Wojciech Gąsowski for Polish Radio 1.
In 2012, on March 23 he gave an interview to the TVN STYLE in the "COMPETITION 24" where he had the pleasure of meeting Jarosława Kreta.
Associates: Robert Antkowiak, Wojciech Winiarski, Leszek Ranz, Andrzej Mazurek, Beata Noszczyńska, Lilianna Maciejewska, Anita Jerzyńska.