Interview with Elvis

Sometimes He is double Elvis?Maciej Kryszak

Maciej Kryszak. Yes that?s he, really with characteristic look of Elvis Presley. He walk with seriousness and cat?s grace into restaurant in a center of Poznań. We talk over coffee?.Sensitive, emotional open, temporarily thoughtful?He sad that he collect souvenirs about Elvis for example books, cd?s and he now lady who sew splendid double Presley clothing. He occur few times and sing songs of Elvis? He is subtle when he is talking about himself. Maybe he is shy?

You can think that he is quiet but he like talking about everything. Many subjects was about Elvis and his life?we talk about religion Elvis, his trouble and bad influence mafia in Memphis. He thinks that they used Elvis and lived for his money instead of give his words of true and critique.

He bewitched me when he say that he very like and love to sing my favorite song of Elvis Presley ?Love Me Tender?. I confess that I love playing this song on recorder when I have moments of moved and affectionate which creative poem or new song?

His photos are very creative and dynamic. When he goes on stage he is double Elvis?He wonna to be a member of artistic family. I don?t have opportunity to hear him, but I can do that because he will be occur on ?The day with Presley? in Poznan.

 And this is an opinion Maciej about E. Presley:

?For me E. Presley is a special person. Like sad J. Lennon:>>? Before Elvis there was nothing?.<< His music and interpretation of music are incredible. His song and interpretation of them it is power who gives life and happiness.

If not Elvis we couldn?t meet for example B.B. King or Chuck Berry. He connected white and black people. When Elvis was young he can not listen black music or goes to black churches. There were separate club?s, restaurant?s for black and white people. I think that he lifts slavery and connected every kind of people.

Elvis have good heart ? in this days it?s hard to find a man like him. Yes, he have money, but he starts from zero. Presley helps people in need. Beautiful is this that he helps without famous. When he died it turn out that he played concert for charity. He gave money to pour and sick people.

About Elvis we say : King of Rock and Roll, but he always says that he isn?t king, one and only king in Good. Elvis was very religious.

He had problems like every kind of use. He had good and bad days. He wasn?t perfect. Elvis wasn?t health. He had many illnesses and not healthily life style. This all was bad for him.

His a weak point were woman. That?s all destroy him. He gives us example what is good and what is bad. I don?t made his mistakes. Presley bend after his mom died and sink more when he divorced with Priscilla. He now?s that divorce is his fault.

I this that Elvis haven?t real friends, because thay will told him: what you do with yourself? I could talk and talk ?..

His songs are from the center of his heart?They give us true love and we all needs this so much?His song gives me straight?.?

Stefania Golenia

Saturday 04 August 2007; Impressions