Anita Jerzynska

Dance instructor, choreographer, dancer, fitness instructor, trainer EFIB.

Anita Jerzyńska

Works in dance schools, fitness clubs and cultural centers in Poznan, where she teaches dancing children and adolescents of modern dance of styles such as hip hop, New style, or funky jazz. In the work she also uses the technique of classical dance, ballroom dancing and gymnastics elements.Trained dancers and dance groups such as: Dance Force, czy Fabulous Anima, who served events such as: "Hity na czasie", "Top trendy", "Viva Comet", Mezo, Małgorzata Ostrowska and Mietek Szcześniak videoclips.

Choreography, Step and Aeroboxing run by Anita Jerzyńska, which holds licenses IFAA and the Euro Fitness School, is also involved in training sports groups and creating choreography for music videos. Aerobics instructor. A graduate of the School of Sports Championship in Poznan. From the age of 7 linked with different forms of movement. For 8 years she trained artistic gymnastics, classic dance, modern jazz, hip hop and funk. She won titles horse riding instructor and fitness instructor. Currently training dance group Dance Force Poznan.