Elvis band "GRACELAND"

Wojtek "Wino" WiniarskiWojtek Winiarski - zespół GRACELAND

Guitarist, for some time -. Lutenist. Since always unfulfilled footballer. From playing and composing can just pull him effectively match viewed on TV or played on the field by him with full commitment. And beloved mountains, on which there is always enough time. From teenage years He looking for texts and poems, which you can add a few musical notes, a few chords and bear them in new sides.

Twisted meanders of musical experiences led him to a meeting with Leopold, together with a few friends he create a Good Staff.Wojtek, with the same great commitment as on the field - played in the band Hanna Banaszak, currently playing with Jack Kowalski and team monogamist JK, and maintains constant contact with Magdalena Turowska, known more as a Cytryna. For large media musical concerts he served many well-known performers. 


Andrzej MazurekAndrzej Mazurek - zespół GRACELAND

A graduate of the Academy of Music in Poznan - the direction of classical percussion, but his specialty is playing on the "przeszkadzajkach". For 12 years He fills rhythmic area in the band of Hanna Banaszak.He likes to run and ride a bike and watch these sports on TV. He is not prone to the knee injury. He have a agricultural and forest land in the south east of the country, so that spatially relaxing. 





Leszek RanzLeszek Ranz - zespół GRACELAND

In the team responsible for the lowest, fundamental sounds. Lehoobass, it's just bass fundamentalist. Prefer to listen to acoustic jazz, blues, gospel music and baroque. I feel good playing in small groups (max. Quartet + vocals), at theaters tiny clubs. My favorite instruments are: a non-threshold acoustic bass Furch and double basses: Strunal'a and Lublin Accordion Factory. Impresses me the album "Beyond the Missouri Sky" (short stories) by Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny. I live in the countryside with wife and three children.
And with dogs.
And with the double basses.

It's all true. But not all. 

Robert Antkowiak - zespół GRACELANDRobert Antkowiak

Pianist, composer and arranger. He collaborated with many musical formations in the country and abroad. He has participated in many music festivals in Poland and Europe. As a pianist and arranger has also collaborated with Polish pop music stars (including M.Szcześniak, E.Górniak, K.Skrzynecka or R.Rynkowski). He has written music for many radio commercials, TV shows and TV programs. As the author has created a series of musical fairy tales for children. He is also a music teacher and consultant.