Reed Vibrations

Reed Vibrations is divine energy of blues in Chicago style, rock?n?roll with many kinds of jazz and ballads in swing, boss and blues. That all for command real mouth organ virtuoso called Krzysztof ?Gąsiu? Gąszewski (music of band G. Fleszara, A3 Format, ex-redactor Radio Mercury).

During concerts band leader takes contact with audience, gives interest anecdote tied with repertoire. Is harmonica man able to play complicated subject from standards of jazz? Are mouth organ able to sound like real black soul singer from 60?s?

The band included:

  • Krzysztof ?Gąsiu? Gąszewski ? mouth organ
  • Maciej Flaczyński ? jazz guitar
  • Ksawery Wójciński ? bass guitar/ double bass
  • Piotr ?Harry? Kupczyk ? drums

Reed Vibration leader Krzysztof Gąszewski was born in Siedlce. In this moment he is connect with Poznań. Harmonica always was his passion, but there were many other jobs like: journalist, engraver, photographer, specialist from autonomy reform. Of course music and mouth organ always would be his true love.

In last few years musician occur with Big Boat, Max Bonard Band, Spontan Trio, Leszek Malicki, Przemysław Śledź, Liquid Lunch, Blues Minus, Harvest Time, Ewa Nawrot, Paulina Leśna. He record melody on mouth organ for Kostka Andreev, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Bartek Wrona, NFB, Zendo Tavern.

In Year 2003 he approached with Poznaniakami to beat record Guinnessa. On a wish of organization Magic World of Harmonica he composed mouth organ melody for song ?When The Saints Go Marchin?In?. Finally song was realized by 851 harmonica man?s with Ireneusz Duda Band. After that he create The Poznańska Harmonica Orchestra.

In 2007 he create Reed Vibration Band. This crew is an instrumental formation which playing jazz and blues standards. Reed Vibration is a one of the exceptions in the Europe because they played jazz with mouth organ in main role.

Band gives concerts in whole Poland for example in The Hard rock Cafe (Warsaw), The Lizard King, The Markowa Knajpa (Poznan).